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Reola is the owner and operator of Regal Beagle and has over 35 years of experience with animals. By keeping your pet with the same groomer, your pet will become more comfortable with her on each visit.

There are occasionally guest groomers on-site at Regal Beagle. These groomers are recommended based on your pet's needs and each groomer's specialty. Should Reola recommend your pet to one of these groomers, you will book with them individually, rather than with Reola.

Tranquilizers are not used at our facility. If your dog is known to have an aversion for groomers, please notify Regal Beagle so that they can be prepared for a potential nip. Please note that if your pet does tend to nip, a cloth muzzle or elizabethan collar may be used to avoid injury.

Drop off time:  Between 7am and 9am.
Pick up time: Varies; generally late afternoon, between 4-6pm. 

Most clients plan on dropping their pet off on their way to work and picking them up on their way home. 

During a “day-stay” your pet receives water, a treat and one to several bathroom breaks, depending on how long their day stay is.  

Larger breeds are bathed on the floor, eliminating a potential injury to your pet.