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We allow viewings of the kennel Tuesday through Thursday. We ask that if you would like to tour the kennel you do so prior to your pet’s planned stay. Our request is for two reasons: 
      1. Maintain as calm of an environment for our guests as possible, and 
      2. Helps to reduce anxiety for your pet during the "drop-off" process.

All canine housing units are constructed with fiberglass and are at floor level. This reduces stress on your pet’s joints and eliminates possibility of us dropping your pet while taking them in and out of their unit. Furry friends are taken outside three times per day in 15 minute intervals

Feline housing units are standard 2½’ x 2’ x 2½’ cages.

  • Premium dog & cat food
  • Daily treats
  • Food & water dishes
  • Bedding blankets

*If your friend has a special diet, blanket, or stuffed animal they can’t leave home without, please feel free to bring them with you on your visit.

Dropoff and pickup times and dates can be arranged over the phone when you call to make arrangements for your pet's stay with us. Most dropoff and pickup times are between 7am and 9am or 4pm and 6pm Monday through Friday.

Weekend Disclaimer

We allow for Saturday and Sunday pickups but request you either come between 8am and 9am either day OR call PRIOR to your stop by the facility to make sure we are available. If we answer the phone we’re available, otherwise leave a message and we’ll contact you upon our return.

While this is a home business, we request your respect for our privacy during the weekends. Reola is a mother, wife, and busy grandmother during the weekend.

Should you forget to call us on the weekend, and need to do so on your cell phone from the parking lot, please do not knock on the door as it creates total chaos in the kennel and our home.

The Mitchell family thanks you for your consideration in this matter.