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Type of Furry Friend/Service    Size  Daily Rate  
Feline      NA     $10.00
Small K9    <20lbs     $11.00
Medium K9  21-40lbs       $12.00
Large K9  41-60lbs     $14.00
Extra Large K9   61+lbs     $16.00
Daycare  $5.00-$7.00

If you have more than one dog and would like them in the same unit, we offer a discount. Please ask Reola at time of reservation for the amount of discount given.

Type of Furry Friend                Size                Fee    
Small K9       <15 lbs  $30.00
Medium K9    16+ to 25 lbs   $33.00
Spaniel       <25lbs  $39.00
Large Spaniel       26+ lbs  $42.00
Large K9       36+ lbs  $65.00
K9 Toenails          All  $ 5.00
K9 Bath          All  Varies

Grooming and bathing fees vary based on the condition of your K9. The rates above reflect a K9 in good condition.  We currently do not offer grooming services for felines.